Green Guard Carpet Protector

The Clean Crew isn’t just your source for the best carpet cleaners Winnipeg is home to – it’s also one of Winnipeg’s only commercial cleaning companies to offer Green Guard. This powerful solution is the first carpet protector that has been certified ‘Green’ by the EPA’s Design for the Environment Program. In other words, it’s safe for staff, customers, and the environment but also is highly effective.

There are plenty of features that Green Guard has that helps it stand out, and these features help make it easy to see why we proudly stand behind it for all of our cleaning services.

Features include:

  • Skin Friendly
  • Fragrance Free
  • Non Toxic
  • Biodegradable
  • Highly Effective

Our professional carpet cleaners recommend Green Guard for almost all carpets they clean, and it’s our preferred method of keeping your floors looking great.

Green Guard offers a lot of benefits and advantages including:

  • High Traffic Lanes Stay Cleaner Much Longer
  • Carpet’s Stain Resisting Properties Are Fully Restored
  • Makes Spots and Stains Easier To Clean Up
  • Reduces Abrasion And Wear
  • Makes Vacuuming Easier
  • Extends The Life Of Carpet
  • Highly Resistant to Soil
  • Eliminates Browning And Yellowing Of Carpet

When our carpet cleaners go to work on your floors, they utilize a multi-stage process. The initial steps are simply cleaning and deep cleaning your carpet to eliminate stains, but after those first steps they’ll go much further and actually work to protect your floors. With Green Guard application, our carpet cleaners provide an invisible barrier that you won’t be able to feel or see, but that will be obvious when you see it in action.

You’ll be able to vacuum with faster, better results. Every day dirt and debris can make your floors look dingy, and Green Guard enhances your vacuum cleaner’s performance.

Spills aren’t a panic inducing experience, either. Green Guard gives you an enhanced window of opportunity that makes it easy to remove common stains quickly. The protector actually prevents carpet from absorbing spills quickly and gives you time to get to work on them. It’s not a 100% shield against stains, but Green Guard can help give you a much better chance of fighting back the stains before they seep into the carpet for good.

That probably sounds like just what you’re looking for, and anyone who has struggled to keep their carpets looking great likely knows that extra protection is more than welcome. With that in mind, our carpet cleaners will offer you the chance to get protected by Green Guard. Once they’re finished cleaning and disinfecting your floors, they’ll gladly apply the Green Guard carpet protector.

It works at a molecular level, so you won’t notice that it’s there until you need it.

Our cleaning professionals proudly serve the entire Winnipeg and surrounding area. To find out more about Green Guard, our other services, or ask some questions you may have about our services or this Earth-friendly carpet protector, don’t hesitate to call our offices today and speak with one of our friendly customer service professionals.