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Why work with Take Time?

What we pay

We know that cleaning is hard work, therefore we believe in paying our staff well. Our cleaners earn $21/hr to start and receive punch-in to punch-out pay, including all travel time plus paid holidays and paid training.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get paid for travel time?
Travel time, cleaning hours, office hours are paid at the same rate. $21/hr.

If I use my own car will I get a mileage reimbursement for the wear and tear on my vehicle?
No. We pay travel time only at the same rate $21/hr. You also receive a gas card and FREE oil change.

Do we pay for transporting company equipment?
We allow our staff to keep company equipment with them. We do not pay our staff from their home to their first job or from their last job to their home (and neither do our competitors).

Will I be paid for actual hours that I work?
We pay by the job ticket hour which means that every job has an estimated time set for it. We thoroughly test the job times to make sure they are accurate. Our job times are generous.

Do you wash your own cloths?
We wash/dry and prepare all Sets for you in our warehouse.

Do you have to provide your own vacuum?

Is the advertised hourly rate ever docked?
The advertised hourly rate is NOT docked. We G-U-A-R-A-N-T-E-E our starting rate of $21 per hour and 30 to 34 hours per week OR $23 per hour and 35 hours per week. That’s what a Guarantee means. Our rate is based on hours worked.

What do we consider working hours?
Time spent cleaning, driving, and attending office meetings is considered working time.

If a customer has a concern that requires a recall for service, will I be paid for the time required to perform it and will it be at the advertised hourly rate of pay?
Of course you are paid for the time required to perform it! We verify ALL concerns before a reclean is performed.

If a company vehicle is provided, who pays for fuel, oil changes, maintenance and parking? Who pays for the deductible in the event of an accident?
Take Time Cleaning pays in each situation described.

Will Take Time dock my pay for performance issues?
No, but if we get complaints on your work, we aren’t going to give you a full schedule until you prove we can trust you to do a great job…..Obviously!


Available positions

Job description


We are super proud to be Edmonton’s Largest, Most Awarded, Woman-Owned Cleaning company with an Amazing Company Culture!

Do you want a job that pays well, recognizes and rewards you, where you are appreciated by your employer and scheduled clients; where you can enjoy teamwork with fun-loving co-workers while maintaining your independence?

Why You’ll LOVE Working With Us:

If you feel you’d be a great fit, we’d love for you to apply to be a part of our Take Time Home Cleaning team!!

Details about the Job:

We’ll try our best to accommodate your schedule. We are willing to renegotiate our compensation plan at your request if you’re NOT able to work full time hours but we obviously can’t Guarantee 30 to 35 hours if you aren’t available. This job would be a great change of pace for someone who is working as a Health Care Aide, Room Attendant, Hotel Housekeeping, or a House Cleaner.

Salary: $21.00 per hour

Job Types: Full-time, Permanent

COVID-19 considerations: We have implemented all required COVID-19 safety protocols.